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Education Industry

What makes learning powerful is more than technology. The emerging instructional and learning capabilities delivered via the Internet and other technology-based teaching tools are vital responses to the needs in education today. In many ways, educational and academic institutes are at crossroads. They require information-era communication media, teaching and learning methods to deal with the demands of the Information Age but are over-burdened by the financial pressures and IT support constrain.

Fortunately, the emergence of virtualization technology has provided an effective computing solution to respond to these demands. By combining virtualization with zero client devices, SUNDE offers a simple, affordable and sustainable computing approach to power hands-on learning and teaching.

Key Benefits:

Save cost on hardware purchase, maintenance and power usage.

Secure data against virus and malware.

Minimize downtime with stateless device.

Eco-friendly option with minimal noise, heat and e-waste.

Free up valuable workspace in labs and offices.

Extend service life cycle to twice that of a PC.

Easy remote access from anywhere.

Typical PC-like experience to run multimedia & teaching applications.

Store and share content between desktops by creating a shared space on the host.

Provision new workstation for students or teachers with ease.

Enable desktop recovery to a standard configuration across reboots or manually fresh desktops to a favorable state of an early date.